Want to save money on rent and be part of one of London's most unique communities? Join the club.


Welcome to the most exclusive property club in London

We are the market leading vacant property protectors in London. Our best in class service provides substantial savings and peace of mind to Landlords whilst offering an affordable and unique living solution to working professionals across the city




We understand how expensive it is to live in London and we’re on a mission to help. Our expert team have a proven track-record of providing high quality accommodation for young professionals who are looking to avoid the staggeringly high rental prices across London. Find out more about the best club in London.



We are passionate about working in partnership with landlords to help tackle the many issues created by vacant properties. The processes we have in place are designed to provide peace of mind whilst delivering significant cost savings. Get in touch to hear more about our personalised service. 


How it works

1. Partner with property owner

2. Property fit-out

3. Place responsible Clubhouse Guardians

4. Our Guardians look after the property

5. We hand the property back at agreed time in the same or better condition