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Who can be a Guardian and join the club?

You must be over 21, in full time employment, able to provide bank statements from the last 3 months as well as proof of address, ID and two references. Oh, and you need to be super respectful and cool to join the club.

Where will I be living?

We have a selection of properties across London, the vast majority of which are situation within central London. We are acquiring new properties all of the time and we do our best to ensure our Guardians are given a wide selection of cool and interesting spaces in which to temporarily live.

How much will it typically cost?

Our licence fees will vary depending on the location of the property and the condition we find them. Rest assured though, our licence fees represent a significant saving on traditional rental prices.

Am I responsible for anything as a Guardian?

As a Guardian you are there to protect our clients properties and to ensure they are maintained to a good standard. You will be required to report any threat of squatters, theft and vandalism and to keep us informed of any maintenance issues throughout the property.

How long will I be able to stay in the property?

This will change from property to property. On average, our Guardians tend to stay between 6 and 12 months depending on the property. At Clubhouse we will always strive to re-locate our Guardians as quickly as possible.

Do I have a notice period?

If you want to leave the property we will require 28 days notice in writing.

How much will the bills be?

Often we cover the cost of all bills in our monthly licence fee.

What kind of fees will I have to pay?

On top of the monthly licence fee you will be asked to pay a £750 security deposit as well as a fire safety pack fee of £80 which covers a fire extinguisher, fire alarm and fire blanket (placed into the Guardians rooms).

Am I entitled to tenancy rights in the property?

No. We have a legal structure in place which ensures our Guardians remain as licensees and have no tenancy rights whatsoever.

Can I stay there with my partner?

Usually yes but it will depend on the property. There will also be an increased monthly licence fee (to be discussed during application).

What kind of decoration can I do in my room?

In most cases you are permitted to decorate your room. We would require written permission with an outline of what you intend to do with your room.


How will my property be managed?

We undertake regular, surprise inspections to assess how the property is being maintained and managed by our Guardians. We have an extensive list of rules and regulations for our Guardians to follow and we ensure they are being met.

What happens if my situation changes and I need my property back?

After the initial 3 months contract, we can return your property to you at 28 days notice.

How do you vet suitable guardians and who will be in my property?

We ensure all our Guardians are in full time employment and adhere to our stringent vetting process. We also interview our Guardians one on one to ensure they understand their responsibilities and share our passion for driving positive communities.

Will I be able to access my property still?

 Yes, our Guardians sign a licence agreement which allows you (and us) access to your property throughout the process (we just require 24 hours notice).

Will I still pay empty building rates?

In most cases we are able to significantly reduce empty building rates.

Will my building be suitable?

Pretty much all buildings are suitable. We are able to install temporary shower and kitchen facilities and we provide a full report after initial inspection which details what work we recommend carrying out.

What are the advantages of using a Guardianship company?

Alongside the financial savings you will be able to make, you will also be working in partnership with a socially responsible company who are passionate about offering affordable housing for London’s working professionals and key workers.

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